{2017*} Latest Valentines Day Facebook Status Updates

Valentines Day 2017 Facebook Status Updates - This is special for lovers who wants to share loving words for someone through Facebook, the most easy way to share photos, messages, videos through which one can express his thoughts to society. This valentines day, we are using this social media platform to express our feelings for someone.

Every year, thousand of youngsters share millions of Valentines Day Status through their FB wall which help them to open up their heart for someone they really love. This year, we try to continue this awesome task and are ready to fill our FB wall with lots of Valentines Day Romantic Status.

This year, we have so many random status updates which you can select for you. This is your moment to show your love to your loved one. People all around the world are expressing feelings, love, affection to their boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife, lover or anyone they love. Get ready to add your Facebook Status of Love.

Random Valentines Day Facebook Status Updates for Lover 2017:-

Here we have some random fb status which people use to share on their facebook wall. You can take ideas from here.

Hey Samayra! I just want to tell you that I'm falling for you. Will you accept my proposal?

Hello Shaan, I'am missing you dear, please come back soon.

Hey Dear, Mai Tumse bauut pyar karta hoon, please kisi tarah 14th Feb tak vapis aa jao.

Hey Rinnie!. I just want to tell you that, I have never love anyone in my entire life more than you.

Hello Swearheart! You are always the reason of my happiness. Please be my Valentine.

Valentines Day Facebook Status Updates 2016
Valentines Day Facebook Status Updates 2017

Mai Tumhe bauut yaad krta hoom, I will never live without you, pls come back.

Last year you promise me that we will spend this valentines day together. Don't forget your promise.

Hey Priya! Please accept this bundle of fragrant plants grown expressly to be killed while in their prime as a token of my love for you.

Valentines Day is a day away so if you are secretly in love with me I suggest you reveal it now.

I called KFC to reserve seats for 2 on valentines day so that I will make my girl's day extra spicy.

Hey sweetheart! I just wanted to tell you that - my love for you is getting stronger day by day.

Funny Valentines Day 2017 Facebook Status Updates:-

Along with romantic stuff, we also have some really funny and silly valentines day fb status updates which you guys really like. You can share these status as messages with your friends through facebook messenger.

If you have no one to celebrate valentines day with you, celebrate it with alcohol and pizza.

I bring my kids to a romantic restaurant on Valentine's day as a birth control reminder to the other couples.

2 Dollars of Rose is available in 10 dollars on valentines day. Love is really expensive.....

100$ for artificial Red Roses! Enough money for flowers you even can't smell.

Roses are red, daisies are white,violets are blue, sunflowers are yellow. This florist has everything.

Hello Sweetheart! As you know my love for you is beyond words. So please, can't expect greeting card from me.

Funny Valentines Day Facebook Status 2016
Funny Valentines Day Facebook Status 2017

My Facebook buddies are most weird, most crazy people I ever have but still I love them all. Happy valentines day guys...

Hey, are you single? will you be my valentine for a night? Actual i have no girl to have s@x tonight. :D

Hello love, please don't take me wrong, actual your younger sister was looking awesome so I gave your flower to her.

This status is for the guy who could spend his entire month salary to make my day. I will be his valentines day for today.

If girls start spending money over guys, No girl could remember Valentines Day.

My girlfriend looks beautiful only on valentines day because only that day she put lots of make-up.

Who needs men when I've got awesome girls tonight....Happy Valentines day L3sbians....

To all my friends committed buddies -  Happy Valentines' Day…. and To all my friends who r single, Happy Independence Day guys :D

Sorry girls, I'm busy this valentines day with all my EX....Box 360 video game.

Girls can make slogan "save money" each day except Valentines Day.

Searching for "Liqu0r" instead of "candies" ~Sign outside of a liquor store.

I really love being married. It is so great to have someone special you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart...

Money Saving tip - Get Breakup on 13th February, spend 14th February with friends, get back together on 15th feb.

Funny Valentines Day Facebook Status 2016
Funny Valentines Day Facebook Status 2017

If I worked in a Restaurant, I will put an engagement ring in every beautiful girl's drink. :)
Dear Alcohol, Pizza, Barbecue chicken...Will you be my valentine for tonight?

Hey dear, on this Valentines day, please don't make me feel choose between you and watching P0rrn.

Girls like Valentines Day whereas Guys like Valentines Night ;)

If you want valentines days list, just ask any girl, she will definitely provide you with all days meaning.

For those guys who wants to be in relation - keep single until 14th feb if you want to have some bucks in your wallet.

When everyone know that red is the sign of Danger. Still why guys follow girl in Red on valentines day.

I will I could be florist on valentines day, instead of spending lots of money. I can earn lots of income on Valentines Day.

Most of days, guys use to say that they are single. Then how can be so many couples on Valentines Day :P

Ehe Pyaar Ishq sab Dhokha hai, Gym lgale pyare, Body bnane ka yahi Mauka Hai....

I hate Valentines Day! I use to say these words every year. Oh God, Why I'm still single.

I'm still single, No girl is enough lucky to have me as her Valentine.

Investment is - sending Red Roses to 5 girls and waiting that at least one of them will accept my proposal.

On valentines day, parks and restaurants are filled with handsome guys whereas, Taverns are filled with ugly guys.

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