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New Valentines Day Funny Jokes WhatsApp Messages 2017 - Get new valentines day jokes, the funniest collection of comedy messages, the most hilarious valentines day special jokes sms to share with friends. This year, let your friends burst into laugh with some amazing whatsapp funny messages.

There are millions of valentines day 2017 jokes, funny messages, comedy pictures available over internet. Out of the here we have some cool jokes for love season. The coolest collection of Valentines Jokes, hindi jokes, santa banta jokes and more different kind of jokes. We have valentines day special jokes for girls, valentines day jokes for boys.

New Valentines Day Funny Jokes WhatsApp Messages 2017:-

I pledge that I shall not spend my New Year’s Day glues to my computers in my pajamas – I plan to dress up for my computer!”

November ki Ye Aakhi Sham,
Mere Doston k Naam..

Ulfat Bhara Salam,
Mere Doston k Naam..

Kuch ko Me ny manaya,
Kuch ny Mujhy Manaya..

Hum ny diye Ilzam,
Ek Dusry k Naam..

The stars are many, but the moon is the one, friends are many but dearest is the one, whom I am wishing as the brand new year arrives tonight! Wish you Happy Valentines day!

Valentines Day Funny Jokes WhatsApp Messages 2016
Valentines Day Funny Jokes WhatsApp Messages 2016

Kuch Waday kiye Pury,
Kuch reh gaye Adhury..
Nibhaen gy her Rishta,
Ehd-e-Wafa k Naam..
Chalti Rahy Ye Dosti,
Ta Dam-e-Ikhtitam..
November ki Ye Akhri Sham,
Mere Doston k Naam..!!

  • Love is the condition,,,
    in which the happy-ness of another person,,,
    is essential to ur own.
    love u …
    happy valentine’s day dear..


    • Lyf ends when u stop dreaming…
      hope ends when u stop believing..
      and sadly love ends when u stop caring.
      So Care your love…
      happy Valentines Day 2u.......

    • Valentines Day Tips..
      Yun raaton ko na jago
      So lia karo yaaro….
      Yun dil mai aansu na roko
      Ro lia karo yaaro…
      Baal to bohat achy bnatay ho
      Kbi moun bhi dho lia karo.
      tabhi to koi larki tujh se nahi set nai hoti…
      apne bhai k nakshe kadam par chalo…aur shaan se geo.....#
    • Ek Aadmi Taxi Driver se:
      Bhai speed slow karo,
      mere 17 chotay chotay bachay hain.
      Taxi driver:
      Apni speed vekhi aa.
      yeh payaar ki nishaanoyaan hain..
      happy Valentines day payary.............@

    • Where u r?
      How will u come to me?
      In a red box,
      the softness of
      A teddy bear or the tenderness of
      A kiss??
      The security of a hug,
      the snug warm Feeling of love?
      u seem sooo far away!….dear..

    • Na jany wo Neend K Nashay
      men itna kesy Doob jaaty hen,
      “bina payaar k jawaani”
      Hum to Karwat Bi BadaLty hen
      to manji cho0n cho0n karti hay.

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  • Love Is A Great Gift From God,,,
    Love is a symbol of eternity…
    It wipes out all sense of time,
    destroying all memory of
    a beginning & all fear of an end.
    • Love is not finding some-1 2 live with;
      it is finding some-1 u can not live with-out..
      will u be m valentine …..???

    • Through all the changes in my life,
      ur luv has remained constant
      & unconditional.
      Though at timz u may have questioned,
      worried or wndred…
      u nvr stopped lving me.
      On this day of love
      I want u 2 know how very much that means.
      u who hv lvd me frst, and love me best.
      Thank u 4 all the luv u have shared.
      thank u very much
      Happy Valentine’s Day
    • Fond thoughts r coming ur way..
      We have always had a special connection,
      So Happy this sweet & cute Valentine’s Day!
      enjoy it fully…
    • My LOVE for u is a journey,
      Starting at For-ever…
      And Ending at Never-ever.,,,
      I Love you Kareena
      Happy Valentine day..
    • I wanted to send u all my love…
      But the postman said it was tooooooo big…
      how can i send ?
    • YOU my lips..and I flt a flutter in my heart,
    u touched my hand…
    and lit a spark in my body,
    u stared into my eyes…
    and saw straight in2 my soul,
    u put ur arms around me…
    and I was finally complete…
    so always with me …
    never ever leave me alone …
    Happy Valentine Day!!

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