Fastings Tips : What To Eat During Navratri Fast

Navratri is the biggest festival for Hindu and people celebrating in India's many parts. Navaratri is coming two times in a year, first Navratri it's coming in March and April which we called as Chaitra Navratri. In Hindi, we called this month Chaitra, and that's why we called this Navratri Chaitra Navratri. In India large community celebrating this festival. People keep fasting in Navratri  Days so they can purify their mind, soul, and body too.

Fastings Tips:  What To Eat During Navratri Fast 

As per scientific research, fasting is also good. It's improving our immune system to keep our body fit and healthy.  Some people keeps nine days fasting, some people doing eight days fasting and some are doing fasting for one or two days which could be first and last. During  Navratri days markets are fully loaded with fruits and other fasting materials. During Navratri days sweets shops are also crowded because people are buying sweets from there to make Devi Prasad. 

During Navratri Fasts 

We are going to describe something about what to eat during Navratri fasts and rules which we must we follow during Navratri Fasts. We will also tell you the Vrat Vidhi or Method to pray to the almighty. Although lots of people keep fasting in Navratri, and they know very well what to eat and what not to eat very well and for them, we will add some more recipes which they can try in during Navratri fasts. And those who are going to start there fast first time for them this could be a very useful post. 

Navratri 2016 Dates & Days

People believe that fasting in a proper way during Navratri will bring Prosperity and Wealth. These Navratri followers can keep their fasting from October 10, 2016, below we are going to explain fasting date and with time so they can go through this and make there Navratri more pure and healthy.  

2016 Navratri Fasting Dates:

Fasting in Navratri is one amongst the most effective rituals of Navratri competition, which is performed by the devotees until nine auspicious days. Some believers keep abstinence solely on the primary day of Navratri and on the eighth day of Navratri (Ashtami) whereas some devotees keep fast unceasingly till nine days of Navratri and break the fast once the ultimate day of Navratri. This year in 2016, the follower can hold fast from October one to October ten, 2016.
Sharad Navratri abstinence Dates/Time: (Who wish to stay fast on initial day and Ashtami)
First Day Navratri abstinence Date: October one, 2016 (Saturday)
Ashtami (Eighth Day) Navratri abstinence Date: October nine, 2016 (Sunday)
Sharad Navratri abstinence Dates 2016: (Who wish to stay abstinence throughout whole Navratri)

Navratri Fasting Rules:

Navratri abstinence Dates 2016: October one, 2016 to October ten, 2016
Navratri abstinence rules might completely different|completely different} from one state to a different state of Asian nation or might be different 

From community to community. it's arduous to follow all the Navratri vrat rules throughout nine days of Navratri upwas as a result of individuals got to keep a bear in mind that they must not eat any reserve things, that isn't employed in abstinence. It might be a volcanic rock time for the individuals. However, devotees keep the abstinence for nine days and show the determination, devotion, and dedication towards the God. Navratri fast helps in gaining weight loss further on please 9 God to urge some blessings. Those that keep fasts throughout the Navratri days square measure expected to refrain from consumption of the many things like -
Asafoetida, Mustard Oil, Fenugreek Seeds
Non-veg Foods, Eggs
Ice Creams purchased from the market however you employ home-baked frozen dessert.
Alcohol throughout the nine days
Cutting of Hairs and Nails
Do not shave beard throughout Navratri abstinence days
Common Salt isn't used. You'll use mineral (Sendha Namak)

When to interrupt Navratri Fast:

Navratri fast is one amongst the necessary aspects of Navratri competition. Some individuals keep the abstinence until whole nine days whereas some keep the fast for under initial and Ashtami. People will break the fast on Ashtami or Navami throughout Navratri. Before breaking the fast devotees ought to do Kanyak Puja wherever individuals has got to worship nine little females, eat them one thing sensible so offer some gift to them. Some people break the fast on the tenth day Additionally once all nine days square measure finished, and it's Dussehra on the tenth day.

Navratri fasting Procedure:

Religiously following the Navratri abstinence procedure is believed to yield fruitful results to the devotees. The individual's perceptive fasts square measure expected to come to life early in the morning and acquire prepared for the prayers at the earliest. Prayer is obtainable by singing hymns and mantras from the Durga Saptashati. Individuals keeping partial fasts eat just one occasion food once the prayer within the evening. A platter of food ready to the home is initial bestowed to the God throughout the time of Aarti so mixed with the food ingested by all considering it as a distribution of the Prasad to any or all.
Some individuals eat the fruits solely on just one occasion usually in the morning, and it's known as Falahari and at the evening, they take the Navratri vrat foods whereas some devotees eat just one time till nine days completed. Some individuals used the flour-based food each time at morning and evening and additionally consumed milk, tea and fruits juice, etc. The those that follow the Navratri abstinence procedure and everyone the principles entirely, nine gods happy with them (devotees). Maa Durga blessed them with energy, wisdom, wealth, and happiness.

Best Recipes for Navratri Fasting

Indians square measure famous for cooking special delicacies for every and each occasion. The fresh atmosphere throughout the Navratri is in the middle of preparation and sales of the many distinct merchandises that square measure permissible for individuals to consume within the abstinence hours. Check the list of the foods that devotees will consume throughout abstinence -
Sabudana Khichdi
Kele ke Chips
Kuttu ki Puri
Lauki Ka Halwa
Singhare ki Burfi
Sweet Potato
Boiled Potatoes
Fruits Juice
Rock Salt is elective

Types of Fasts ascertained by the person

Hinduism could be a Sanatan Dharma, and it doesn't impose strict rules on the manners of providing players or keeping fasts. Consistent with the Hindu nonsecular books, it's the intent what matters to the Almighty and not the tip result. Thus, keeping arduous lined nirjal or nirahar fasts square measure an issue of private alternative and level of self - restraint.
People hold either full fast throughout the nine days wherever they're allowed to eat solely Falahari merchandise or Partial fast wherever the individuals will break the fast post prayers within the evening. The sole compulsion is that the food ingested throughout the Navratri mustn't contain onion, garlic, and common salt. Mineral is most well-liked within the edibles that square measure created throughout the times of celebration.

Final Words 

Some individuals keep fasts for all the nine days whereas some value more highly to keep it on the primary and last days solely. Some people keep fasts on alternate days further. This is often permissible as completely different|completely different} people have various levels of physical work activities within the day.