#26th January# Republic Day Speech For Kids, Students & Teachers 2017 In English

#26th January# Republic Day Speech For Kids, Students & Teachers 2017 In English: Hello friends,  as we all know republic day 2017 is coming and lots of people was asking me to write some article on Republic day Speech for kids, student & teachers. On behalf of there request i write this article for them.

I am going to provide some very good essay, long speech or short kind of speeches, which you can use for your school, college or some people whose they want to give lecture to there student,like teachers also they can use this article.

As we all know Republic day is one of the special day for all Indians, which making us proud on every moment. Now a days everybody is looking people to give lecture on any particular event and Republic day is one of the event in that. people calling some good speaker from outside from town and offering them money too, only to give the speeches.

By reading this article i hope you would be able to give speeches in front of lots people. To give speech in front of any guy or organization we have to gain enough knowledge about that topic. And if you are going to talk about republic day then you have to do more preparation.

As we all know our India got freedom on 15th August, 1947, and we celebrating that day as Independence day. After 3 years long struggle we introduced our constitution legally in nation on this day and after that we celebrating this day as a republic day of Indian. On 26th January 1950, we implemented our constitution in India which is makes by DR. B. R. Ambedkar.

Republic Day Speech For Students:

Good morning everybody. My name is Ashutosh Kumar.  I am a student of  12th stranded.  As we all know that we gathered here on the very special occasion of our nation called as Republic Day of India. First of all i would like to say thanks a lot to my principal, class teachers and all school students to give me this opportunity in my school. I am feeling very proud to speak about my beloved country at this much big stage which is very big achievement for me.

India is a very big Democratic and independent country. where people choosing there own governance, and that is the best part of our country and showing the power of your country people. As we all know our country got freedom from British governance on 15th august 1947. We made our country as a Democratic country where every people has same power and same rights legally as per law.    

In this year 2017 we are celebrating our 68th Republic day with all of you and i am feeling very proud because i born in a free country. As i read in my books about the condition of Indian people in British governance, i am feeling my self lucky. But at the other end i am feeling very guilt too when i hearing so many news about the people who is misusing there freedom. We should always remember the sacrifices of the people who they gives there life fro this country. We shouldn't ashamed them. 

We should always Republic means the supreme power of the people whose living in the country and only Indian people has rights to elect their representatives as political leader to lead the country in right direction. So, India is a Republic country where public elects its leaders as a president, prime minister, etc. Our Great Indian freedom fighters have struggled a lot for the full freedom known as “Purna Swaraj” in India. They did so their future generations may live without any fear and led this country ahead.

As we all know on 26th January our president of India is raising the national flag on Red Fort "Lal Killa" and addressing nation from that stage, and this tradition first started from our first Indian president DR. Rajendra Prasad. Till now we following the same process. From that stage DR. Rajendra Prasad our first president said “We find the whole of this vast land brought together under the jurisdiction of one constitution and one union which takes over responsibility for the welfare of more than 320 million men and women inhabit it” 

But how shameful is this, in which direction we are moving our nation. In every place we can see corruption, and violence. Only youth can take this country on right path but they don't wnat to come in politics field and because of that this country is led by uneducated and and corrupt people. Youth have to take the responsibility and then only this country can go in right direction. 

And with this i will rest my emotions, Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts with all of you. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. Proud To Be An Indian. Vande Matram. 

26th January Republic Day Speech For Teachers 2017

Respected Principal, My co teachers and visitors which may they belongs from our student family or some whose they came hare by invitation. 

As we all know why we gathered here today. today is very special day for all and every proud Indian we can say today is very big day. Today is our Republic day and on this day our Constitution we introduced to Indians which is wrote by DR. BR Ambedkar ji. On 15th August 1947 British they released our country from there rules and after that the India Challenging parts starts. 

The whole world was looking at India, and they was thinking how Indians will led this country. In that situation DR. BR Ambedkar, he wrote Constitution of Indian and introduced the world and they proven once again we are not below then anyone we can run India without any other country help. That Constitution was released on 26th January 1950. We calling that " Bharat Ka Samvidhaan ". 

According to our Indian Constitution we can elect any candidate to represent our self and to led in progressive way. That is the best part of this Constitution. People can have only the power to ruled on them and they have power too to bring them down from there top label. So that's why the beauty of the Democracy will remain. 

We knows by reading the books, our history is very painful and people they struggled lots to get released this country from British. When i reading the newspaper or watching any news about corruption, Violations, Rape and so many bad incident which is damaging the image of our India, is very painful for me. And i really Thinking is it really our dream India, is our freedom fighters they gives there life for this. It is very painful and shameful for me. But i never loosing my heart and still filled with hopes, our India will grow and we will make this country proud by giving opportunity to our youth.

As we all know India is well growing country and we growing towards the path of developed country. As i am a teacher my aim is to motivate my students and give them always one new hope which can give new hope in our students life. There are lots of thing are remaining to do and we have to be a part of this growing country by giving our contribution. So my duty is to educate my students and i am always tried to do my work honestly. 

With This i am finishing.  Jai Hind !! Jai Bharat!! Bharat Mata ki Jai

26th January Republic Day Speech For Kids or Children's

Dear Principal, Teachers, Students and worm welcome to our all visitors whose invited for this special day. My name is Rahul and i am student of 5th stranded.  First of all i want to give thanks to all of my School staff whose they be-leave on me and gives this opportunity to express my feelings for this special day. 

As we all know for what occasion we gathered hare, today is 26th January which is known as our Indian republic day. Republic Day is one of special day for us which is giving moment to make proud our self. This is the special moment which is memorizing us how our country suffered from the ruling of British governance. Our India got freedom from British  

I am feeling myself very lucky, because i opened my eyes in free nation. But when i listing about so many incidents of corruption, violation on the name of religion is very painful for me. 
Our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Ajad and i can't even tell here fully because the list is very long and my speech is very short. So we need to fulfill there thoughts by making this country great. We can make this country great by doing good work in our country. 
I wish you likes my speech and by giving thanks i will complete my speech. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Matram. 

Short Speech On Republic Day India 2017

Hi Good Morning and Happy republic Day To all of members whose invites on this special occasion. 26th January is known as India Republic day and on this day India implement there constitution in the Nation. By power of this constitution our nation people are equal in the eyes of governance. People have power to elect there own governance to led this country. Because of that we saying this country as a Democratic country, where people can speak freely, they can express there self freely. This is the best quality of any democratic country and we have this too. In India many religious people are living and we cannot differentiate them at the name of religion.

With this quality of the nation i like this country very much and i am feeling proud to be as a citizen of this country. Once again wish you all Happy republic Day. Proud to be an Indian, Vande Matram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Inqalab Jindabaad, 

#26th January# Republic Day Speech Idea's 2017

Hello friends Good morning today is very special day for us and we cannot forget this day ever in our life. On this before 68 years ago our constitution came into force or implemented in our nation. After that day we represent our nation as Democratic nation. Before 3 years back our India got freedom from British after almost 200 years slavery. While slavery our nation people condition was very worst and they suffered lot in there own country. We can not describe that pain here but we can say that time was very worst for Indian people. 

On 26th January 1950 we implement our constitution in India, after that day all Indian they got complete freedom in there own country. British completely they left our country. Our constitution author is DR. BR Ambedkar, he wrote this constitution for this nation. Till now all the low is working according to our book of constitution. To get this complete freedom our freedom fighters had done long struggle, and this is the outcome of there struggle, which we are having now a days presently. 

I was not at the moment when our freedom fighters was fighting against British kingdom to make this country free. But i read the history of my nation and i know the moment of "Jaliawala Bagh" where lots of innocent people and lots of freedom fighters was inside the park. The British general which name is General Diar, who came with his full army and block complete access of that park. Then he gives order to his solder to start firing on all innocent people. People they started to run in that park here and there. they tried lot to save there self. 

In that incident almost all people they died in the park and that was the worst moment which i read in our history book. We are lucky because we are have a free country and we have our own constitution which is giving us he right of equality with all. Even no one can rule on us, we only can make our own government which can led us for our goods 

Republic Day Essay 110 Words Indian's

So we are celebrating our 68th Republic Day in this year and this is really a proud moment for us to have this day in a free country. Republic day means we are completely free and we can move in India every where without any fear. People can elect any kind of people to represent them in the parliament to give voice of those people. As we live in this country and we know there was so many issues had with high class religious or low class religious, and people was differentiating according to that. 

In our constitution all Indians are same and we can't make diffidence according to there religious. We gives more opportunity in our constitution to low caste people and which is providing them good ability to live with that equality. This is the best part of this country. So because of this i love this country very well. 

"Saare Jahan Se Acha Hidnosita hamara, 
Hum Bulbule Hai Iske Ye Gulsita Hamara"

Vande Matram, Jai Hind